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Premium Features

Whether you’re a small business just starting to grow, or a mature company with well-established needs, you get the features you need now and capabilities you can use in the future.

Multi-location & Home Office Options

  • Connect multiple sites
  • Work from home as though you are in the office
  • Overflow calls between locations with how-to-answer tagging
  • View presence across locations


  • Forward calls to one or more numbers
  • Find me/follow me to multiple phones and extensions
  • Voicemail to email with attachments and voicemails transcribed

Web Portal

  • Manage users, voicemail, and find me/follow me settings
  • Listen to, delete, and forward voicemail messages
  • Web browser and Microsoft Outlook® click-to-dial

Automated Attendant

  • Unlimited menus and call flows
  • Day, night and override modes

Market Tracking

  • Phone numbers available across the U.S.
  • Call tagging to answer in the appropriate context
  • Record sales and marketing calls

Call Center

  • Unlimited queues with priorities, escalations and overflows
  • Background music and announcement messages
  • Queue monitor in web portal

Comprehensive PhonePro Support

Every MercuryTel customer gets unlimited access to our Comprehensive PhonePro Support, including:

  • Unlimited changes at no charge
  • We monitor your network continually to catch and address problems before you even notice them
  • The Cisco® switches we use are made specifically for digital phone service, and are able to proactively report to us cable faults and equipment exceptions that could affect call quality
  • With remote access to the equipment we install, our PhonePros are able to address concerns and make changes quickly
  • Unlimited support, including on-site service, is included at no extra charge
  • Training for you and your staff on how to use the phones, web portal, software, and any customizations, is available as often as you want, over the phone or on-site

Need to make international calls?

Local and long-distance calls to the United States and Canada are included with our service, and calls everywhere else are just $0.15 per minute!

Switching to MercuryTel is Five Easy Steps!

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. The $5.00 charge per toll-free number per month includes the first 60 minutes of use. Additional minutes are $0.035.

MercuryTel service includes all local and long-distance calling for one low, fixed price. There is no need for a separate long-distance company.

No. All equipment is included in the monthly price.

MercuryTel does not use public Internet connections for your phone calls, but instead uses private network connections. In addition, we install routers and switches that are specifically configured to carry phone traffic.

Setup and configuration is free, no matter how complicated it is.

From the time you order until your MercuryTel service is installed and operating is typically one to three weeks. The main factors that affect installation speed are number porting, call flow complexity, and any physical cabling requirements.

They won’t be. Our PhonePros carefully plan implementation to eliminate down time and minimize disruption to your business.


Learn about the benefits and features of Mercurytel for your office or business. Choose a white paper to download below:
Private Network Quality
Five Easy Steps

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